Vizualizacija podataka - kada je sve počelo?

Looking back at Humanity’s history, we can observe multiple situations where individuals found ways to visually describe and document their experiences. Cave paintings depict battle scenes between man and beast, Egyptian murals give us a glimpse of the lifestyle and reverence towards Pharaohs, the royal family and other deities; as well as the struggles and hardship of peasant life. Fast forward a few centuries and painters, sculptors and other artists across the globe were imprinting their view of the world through their art.
    We have a innate need to describe and interpret the world around us
In domains like Science and Engineering, documenting your experiments is crucial. Scientists too relied on notes, drawings, annotations and later on pictures — virtually any kind of record — to support their hypotheses and advance the collective knowledge of the scientific community.

There are other situations where instead, we want to tell a story that conveys a much more complex narrative than simply a report on results.

In this article I want to share and celebrate the work of the Pioneers of Data Visualization, the people who paved the way to in Infographs and data visualization techniques that are so popular and widespread today.

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